Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to our Travel Blog and Website – Unbound Explorers.

Who are we ?

Shortest and simplest description? Working Indian Couple who absolutely love travelling!

Swati & Rahul

We are based out of Mumbai, busy with our Corporate lives from Monday to Friday, but always planning where to travel next each Saturday and Sunday! A bit more about each of us below, in each other’s words 🙂

Mountains, Beaches and everything nice!


“A hardworking, no-nonsense, competitive Corporate Lawyer at work, but fun-loving, risk-taking, luxury-seeking fashionista at heart! Swati is always ready for a Trip, eager to explore new and uncommon destinations around the world.  Her definition of an ideal holiday is relaxing on a white sandy beach with crystal clear waters on a bright sunny day. Loves buffet breakfasts, Hates cold and rainy days!” – Rahul

History, Mystery and everything else!

“From Flights to Taxis, Hotels to Restaurants and Attractions to Adventures Rahul loves planning it all – right down to the very minute detail – There is some use for the Engineering & MBA degrees after all! Over-exposed to Discovery & National Geographic channels during childhood, he is an ardent fan of Science Fiction, and can be found wandering at any place of historic or geographic importance with out any sense of time ! Loves on-time departures, Hates tourist traps!” – Swati

Why this Website ?

At first we used to post our Travel photos on Facebook (We still do). But we felt our experiences were much more than what could be contained in few Social Media albums.  There was so much more – intriguing stories, interesting experiences, difficult learnings, beautiful memories – from our trips that we couldn’t share in detail there! So we thought we shall put it online,  not only to capture our memories for future, but also for those who might find it useful, while planning their trips to places we have been!

How do we manage to travel frequently ?

We are not brave enough to quit everything and travel! We are very much “bounded” to our careers and family, but “unbounded” in spirit 🙂 We work hard and travel hard! You’ll find that we don’t have as much savings, material possessions or pending leaves as much as our peers – but we have the dedication and passion to continue traveling.

Where have we been so far ?

Together we have been to almost 20 countries in 2 years. Independently we have travelled to more, but now that happens only when duty calls.  Our posts have been categorised by countries and continents in the Main Menu – You can navigate to desired region to read our stories!

We have tried to answer a few questions about us and the website in this page briefly. But feel free to reach out to us at for any further questions any time!